The Integration Joint Board

The Western Isles Integration Joint Board consists of four local authority elected members, four Health Board Non-Executive Directors, trades unions, third sector representatives, patient and service user representatives and professional representatives from across health and social care.

The membership of the IJB is set out in secondary legislation which the Scottish Parliament has passed. It describes the members who have a vote when decisions are being made and this includes the local councillors and the NHS Board Non-Executive Directors. However, the IJB will always seek to operate by consensus and that is why the voices of its wider membership are hugely important.

The Integration Joint Board has four over-arching responsibilities:-

  • To develop and implement a Strategic Plan which sets out how services will change and develop over time to meet the needs of the population;
  • To put in place robust financial planning arrangements to ensure that services are delivered within budget;
  • To support the development of Locality Planning Groups, which will help to plan services for local communities; and
  • To oversee the delivery of all of the services delegated to it by the Local Authority and the Health Board