IJB Members Member Substitute

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (voting members)

Mr.Kenny John MacLeod
Mr. Angus Morrison
Mr. Paul Francis Steel
Mr. Norman A MacDonald
Mr. Iain Archie MacNeil
Mr. Calum MacMillan
Mr. John Graham Mitchell
Mr. Paul Finnegan

NHS Western Isles (voting members)

Dr. Neil Galbraith
Mr. Murdo MacMillan
Mr. Ian Burgess
Mrs. Gillian McCannon
Mrs. Diane McPherson
Ms. Rosemary Bugler
Dr. Maggie Watts

Professional Advisers (non-voting)

The Chief Officer of the IJB Dr. Ron Culley  
The Chief Finance Officer of the IJB Ms. Debbie Bozkurt  
The Chief Social Work Officer Mr. David Gibson  
General Medical Practitioner (GP) Dr. Kirsty Brightwell Mr. Stephan Smit
Lead Nurse Ms. Kathleen McCulloch Ms. Mary MacKenzie
Hospital-based Medical Practitioner To be confirmed  

Stakeholder members (non-voting)

A staff representative (Comhairle nan Eilean Siar) Mr. Malcolm MacDonald Mr. Calum MacKay
A staffside representative (NHS Western Isles) Ms. Elizabeth Shelby Ms. Dana Murray
A third sector representative (Western Isles Community Care Forum) Mrs. Morag Munro Mrs. Peggy MacKay
A service user Ms Anne Moqbel Mr Donnie Macleod
A carer representative Ms. Fiona Macleod  
Further third sector representative (Third Sector Interface) Mr. Hector MacLeod Ms. Sheena Stewart
Hebridean Housing Partnership Ms. Dena MacLeod