Measuring Improvements and Communicating Change

It is extremely important that we understand the impact of our reform process and our services on the outcomes that people experience.

We will therefore put arrangements in place to measure this impact over time.

Reporting and Performance Management Arrangements

One of the features of the integration agenda is that for the first time, the NHS and local government will be required to work towards a single set of high-level outcomes. These were developed by the Scottish Government at a national level and have to be used by each partnership to monitor progress. They are underpinned by a suite of national indicators, which can be used locally to benchmark improvement. These outcomes and indicators are described in Annex 2. We will devise a performance management system which builds the national indictors into our local reporting system and we will publish an annual performance report.

National Care Standards

The National Care Standards describe what people using a range of care services in Scotland can expect. They are based on key principles underpinning quality care services and are a blend of expectations about quality and service requirements such as space and staff training. They are used by service providers to maintain and improve the quality of services provided.

Work is underway to anchor the national standards on a set of overarching principles which deliver a greater focus on human rights, wellbeing, and individuals’ experiences of care. This will provide a stronger foundation for scrutiny and inspection, and a means by which service providers can be held to account. Importantly, it fits with our strategic planning approach and we will continue to uphold these standards in the services we offer.

Communicating Change

It is hugely important that as we change our service and support arrangements over the next few years that we communicate effectively with members of staff, stakeholders and communities. To that extent, we are committed to:-

  • Providing regular updates, newsletters, media articles and blogs that can be disseminated to inform people about our work;
  • Hosting regular staff meetings to allow for feedback about the changes we’re introducing, including engagement with trades unions and other staff representatives;
  • Update reports to Comhairle committees and the NHS Board to ensure that both parent organisations are kept up-to-date with our work
Contributing to Locality Planning Groups and to public engagement sessions about programmes of change