Locality Planning


The IJB is required to develop locality arrangements, to support more localised planning and delivery of services. In the Western Isles, we have identified five localities, as depicted in the map opposite: Barra & Vatersay; the Uists and Benbecula; Harris; Rural Lewis and Stornoway & Broadbay

Proposed Locality Boundaries

with communities, from the bottom-up. Community empowerment is therefore at the heart of the integration agenda. We need to encourage our communities to become more involved in the services they access, and build on the natural strengths and resilience that our communities have.

We have therefore established five Locality Planning Groups to:

  • Oversee the development of integrated service planning at a locality level;
  • Develop a locality plan, which will set out how services will evolve to meet the needs of the changing population;
  • Deliver the IJB Strategic Plan and ensure that there is a strong connection between the planning done at locality and IJB level;