Appendix 4 - The 10 Dementia Care Actions

The 10 Dementia Care Actions were created to support the implementation of commitment 10 of the National Dementia Strategy (2013-2016) and supported by all the NHS territorial Boards.

The 10 Dementia Care Actions in Hospital are:-

  1. Identify a leadership structure within NHS Boards to drive and monitor improvements
  2.  Develop the workforce in line with Promoting Excellence
  3. Plan and prepare for admission and discharge
  4. Develop and embed person-centred assessment and care planning
  5. Promote a rights-based and anti-discriminatory culture
  6. Develop a safe and therapeutic environment
  7. Use evidence-based screening and assessment tools for diagnosis
  8. Work as equal partners with families, friends and carers
  9. Minimise and respond appropriately to stress and distress
  10. Evidence the impacts of changes against patient experience and outcomes