Appendix 2 - 8 Pillars Overview

8 Pillars Overview

The 8 Pillars Model of Community Support provides an integrated and comprehensive approach to the support of people with dementia, their families and carers. This will help to enable people with dementia to remain at home for as long as possible with moderate to severe dementia. At a time of demographic change, it delivers a coherent approach in response to increasing dementia prevalence. This model builds on key developments in relation to post-diagnostic support and will ensure the impact of the investment in early intervention is not lost. By tackling the full range of factors that influence the experience of the illness in a coordinated way, it takes a therapeutic approach to enhancing the resilience of people with dementia and their families and carers: equipping and supporting them to cope with the symptoms of the moderate to severe stages of the illness.

The move towards community capacity building and proportionately fewer resources for institutional care requires a coordinated approach to support people with dementia in the community, which is provided by the 8 Pillars Model.

Adopting this model will a priority for the integration agenda; it will empower families, make effective use of the full range and depth of interventions, provide a coordinated approach to engage with all partners and use their resources and skills to the fullest effect.

Diagram - 8 Pillars of Community Support